Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ohio: Ten-Oh out, Pick 5 in.

The Ohio Lottery is starting up a new game called Pick 5. If you've heard of Quinto in Pennsylvania, you already know how Pick 5 will work; the only difference is that Ohio will offer 50 cent bets along with one dollar bets. It will be drawn twice daily; the first drawing will be held August 12th. The evening drawing will be shown live on TV; pushing the Rolling Cash 5 drawing off-air, and online.

Ohio apparently only has room for 5 in-state games, because Ten-Oh will be ending the day before, on August 11th. Ten-Oh is a keno-style game, and from what I know it was never that popular of a game. But in my opinion, this is a bad deal for players. Ten-Oh isn't a perfect game, mind you. It has top prize odds of more than 8 million to 1, almost as much as Classic Lotto. Plus, it's a computerized game; meaning no ping-pong balls. But, it's a lot easier to win money with Ten-Oh, with overall odds of about 1 in 9. Five-digit, single number games are very hard to win. It will be 92 times harder to win any money with Pick 5; and that's only if you go for a box play with 5 unique digits. So all in all, this is a downward move.

EDIT 7/9/12: Small grammatical errors fixed.