Friday, May 29, 2015

A little appetizer...

I've got a blast from the past coming up in my next blog; but until then, here's a little treat. Back in 1992, WFLA-TV in Tampa (that's channel 8 to you and me) aired a magazine-style special; and one of the, uh, "articles" was about the Florida Lotto. More specifically, it was about the people who changed the numbers on the Lotto billboards advertising the jackpots. Funny thing is, while most states converted to digital billboards (Georgia, IIRC, was digital from day one); Florida hung on to their manual signs well in to the 2000s. The Florida Lottery sure was slow to change.

Be sure to jump to 37:44 for the Lotto story; and before I forget, thanks to TVsmurphman for posting this in the first place.