Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big (little) jackpot in Ohio.

Ohio's Rolling Cash 5 jackpot is the largest it's ever been, $963,000. This game is one of the best of the 5-out-of-39 games out there (especially since Cash 5 in PA went to 43-ball structure). There have been three jackpot rolls in the past year that have gone over $500,000 (and one a few months ago came within $11K of half a mil). And 4-out-of-5 gets $300, much higher than most states.

I know Cash 5 in PA had reached over a million a few times back when it was 5/39, and OH's Rolling Cash 5 is essentially the same game now as PA's game was in it's original form (right down to the lower-tier prize amounts). And as someone who really misses the old PA Cash 5, it's nice that Ohio is still keeping such a well-structured game in it's line-up. It's also nice to see it get on a roll like this.

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  1. Rolling Cash 5 is superior to OH's other in-house progressive game, Classic Lotto, because the latter fixes the percentage of the cash value vs. the annuity. Speaking of "Classic Lotto" (the Connecticut game is much better than Ohio CL) my CT Cash 5 has a top prize of 100k; I've suggested to them that its 5/5 prize go progressive. (CT's game has 35 numbers.)