Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Future Blogs

These are some of the blogs that you can look for in the coming weeks, or months, or whenever I have time to post something.
  • Another review of international lotteries; likely either Brazil or Spain.
  • My countdown of the the 5 worst lottery games of all time!
  • My review of Ontario's new lotto game that replaced Rock-Paper-Scissors.
If you have another idea for a future blog, leave a comment below!

1 comment:

  1. My choices for worst games: *NY Lotto (prize pool 40% of sales), *RI "Lot-O-Bucks" (ended in 1995; $1 play won ONLY if all the numbers were matched, and the jackpot became annuity-only when it reached 200k), *"Win for Life" (OR, and GA/VA) *"Lucky for Life" (New England) and *"Weekly Grand" (ID), current games that DO NOT have a cash option; the ID game is $1000/week for a year.