Friday, July 12, 2013

Ball drawings coming back to Indiana!

I haven't posted anything in a while, as I've been in the process of moving. But one tidbit has caught my eye that needs to be said and it's pretty good news. The Hoosier (Indiana) Lottery recently put multi-state draws back on Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN. But the announcement page also had a very important line there as well, which reads:

"Plus, live Daily 3 and Daily 4 drawings will be coming this fall!".

Now when I first read that, I thought they meant the cartoon drawings that Tennessee and Minnesota have. Indiana has had computerized drawings for several years now. However one line the procurement presentation (.pdf file) confirms what is very good news:

"Drawing equipment (machines, numbered ball sets, random number generator, etc.) for conducting the Daily 3 and Daily 4 draws."

It does mention a random number generator, but that is probably to be used for selecting the aforementioned machines and ball sets; and it appears that the other games (Hoosier Lotto, for example) will remain computerized for the time being. But this is fantastic news for players in Indiana, whose computerized draws were once a popular gripe on Lottery Post (more so than other RNG states). It's also good for players everywhere else. This is the first time ever that a lottery has switched back to balls after going computerized; and this could mark a precedent for other computerized draws to change back to balls, as well.


  1. Actually, I believe Arizona's pick-3 went from computer draws back to "regular" draws (when few lotteries used RNG) because somebody did not program "9" as a possible digit.

  2. I see the Indiana lottery keeps getting greedy they went from 1million a week. then they went to 2 drawings a week each time the jackpot went up 1million, then they went 1million the first week @ half a million each additional week. now they pull this crap 200 thousand after the first week @ then 300 thousand after that. I can remember when people would hit every other week when the lottery first came out, they haven't changed the odds so what's up. like taking the cash option they used to take half now they take 2/3. so the 27.5 million jackpot that hit a couple weeks a go is about 9 million, if u take the cash option @ u still have to pay taxes on the 9 million. the Indiana lottery grossed 800 plus million last year, so how much was paid out to the players. I used to like to play the Indiana lottery because of the odds. the jackpots wasn't big as other lottery's but that was fine with me. didn't want to hit the 100 million plus jackpots don't need that much money @ wouldn't want the headache. one thing I've learned after 20 plus years playing @ never hitting the jackpot is I have a better chance getting struck by lightning twice. so now I am going to do some research @ write a book on how the lotteries scam people @ sell false dreams. yours truly, over it