Monday, January 26, 2015

Note to Pennsylvania Lottery players: Don't panic!

You may have noticed that the Pennsylvania Lottery changed the names of some of their games. The Daily Number is now Pick 3, Big 4 is now Pick 4, and Quinto is now Pick 5. Why did they do this? I don't know; maybe they wanted to provide more clarity, but this is probably going to cause more confusion. 

In any event, you should know that absolutely nothing else has changed about the games in question other than the name. You play exactly the same way. Say that to yourself out loud: 

"You play exactly the same way". 

Remember that, because you will undoubtedly encounter someone in your local Wawa or Sheetz who is lying in the fetal position because the Daily Number supposedly went away. Just tell them that it's just called Pick 3 now, nothing else has changed, "you play exactly the same way". Help out your fellow man.


  1. "The Daily Number" probably began before "Big 4"; it probably should have become "Little 3"...the reason for these cosmetic changes is that there will be a "Pick 2" joining them.

  2. BIG NEWS for Pennsylvania Lottery players: it will be offering a "regional" game beginning in spring 2015; will it be "Cash4Life"? (It offered a "Lucky for Life" 2004-2007, no relation to the newly-expanded game; its winners could not choose cash, while C4L and the current L4L can.)

    1. According to their 2013-14 profit report, they're joining a game along with NJ and NY. Gee, I wonder what that game could be? Granted, Virginia was also supposed to join Cash 4 Life at some point; Decades of Dollars is ending so they might join yet.

  3. Not much of a coincidence (assuming Cash4Life is expanding) that lotteries finally seem eager to join a "lifetime" payout game if winners can choose CASH in lieu of a lifetime annuity. (Will Oregon finally dump its annuity-only "Lose for Life"?)

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