Friday, May 25, 2012

Back From The Dead...

Does that make this blog a zombie? I don't know, but yes, this my first update in about two years. Why has it taken so long? The primary reason has been school and the extra-curricular activities involved therein. But another reason has been because I felt like I couldn't give this blog the attention it deserved. Unfortuately, those feelings led me to give The Lotto Geek no attention at all.

I'm probably going to do things a little bit differently now; first off, game reviews will probably be graded on a more subjective scale (to be determined later) as opposed to just a gut feeling.

Second, I will be going through more traditional outlets to get the word out about the site (in other words, advertising). I just need the money to do that, but you can't make money without spending money (which is the whole point of the lottery, isn't it?).

And third, I probably won't be putting up any more of my game ideas, because I'm pretty sure that lotteries have been stealing my ideas. Just compare my Hi-Lo game with Ireland's All or Nothing game, and tell me they aren't essentially the same game. Only difference, I came up with the idea long before they did.

Beyond that, I'm going to try to keep up with this site on a more consistent basis. One update a week is better than 7 updates a week for a month, and then nothing for 2 years. Hope you keep checking in over the next few days, and I look forward to hearing your comments.

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  1. Welcome back, JS-9!! I miss you commenting on lotteries. As I still live in Connecticut, whose UNlucky4Life has gone on steroids, I have been emailing the six lotteries, including the new head in Vermont, to add a cash option. I also think "Hot Lotto", despite its drawing method, needs to expand further (as well as Decades of Dollars); one place that needs such a game is Rhode Island.