Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Play All The Numbers!

Every gambler has tried to gain an edge over the house, and lottery players are no exception. Boards like Lottery Post are full of people trying to predict what is supposed to be unpredictable. Of course, there is no sure fire way to make sure you pick all of the winning numbers on one line. But there is a way you can pick all of the numbers, winning and losing, and spread them generally equally over several lines. You can do this by going to, and clicking on the "Sequence Generator" link (shown below).

You will see a screen like this. Simply put the field of numbers in the area highlighted in blue, and the amount of numbers you pick in the column area (highlighted in green).

Check it out! You have every number in field laid out, in random order, ready to pick. This is a quick easy way to make sure you've got every number working for you.

Plus, this will increase your chances of winning a prize; though on the flip side, it also makes it a lot harder to win multiple prizes.

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