Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Play All The Numbers!

Every gambler has tried to gain an edge over the house, and lottery players are no exception. Boards like Lottery Post are full of people trying to predict what is supposed to be unpredictable. Of course, there is no sure fire way to make sure you pick all of the winning numbers on one line. But there is a way you can pick all of the numbers, winning and losing, and spread them generally equally over several lines. You can do this by going to, and clicking on the "Sequence Generator" link (shown below).

You will see a screen like this. Simply put the field of numbers in the area highlighted in blue, and the amount of numbers you pick in the column area (highlighted in green).

Check it out! You have every number in field laid out, in random order, ready to pick. This is a quick easy way to make sure you've got every number working for you.

Plus, this will increase your chances of winning a prize; though on the flip side, it also makes it a lot harder to win multiple prizes.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back From The Dead...

Does that make this blog a zombie? I don't know, but yes, this my first update in about two years. Why has it taken so long? The primary reason has been school and the extra-curricular activities involved therein. But another reason has been because I felt like I couldn't give this blog the attention it deserved. Unfortuately, those feelings led me to give The Lotto Geek no attention at all.

I'm probably going to do things a little bit differently now; first off, game reviews will probably be graded on a more subjective scale (to be determined later) as opposed to just a gut feeling.

Second, I will be going through more traditional outlets to get the word out about the site (in other words, advertising). I just need the money to do that, but you can't make money without spending money (which is the whole point of the lottery, isn't it?).

And third, I probably won't be putting up any more of my game ideas, because I'm pretty sure that lotteries have been stealing my ideas. Just compare my Hi-Lo game with Ireland's All or Nothing game, and tell me they aren't essentially the same game. Only difference, I came up with the idea long before they did.

Beyond that, I'm going to try to keep up with this site on a more consistent basis. One update a week is better than 7 updates a week for a month, and then nothing for 2 years. Hope you keep checking in over the next few days, and I look forward to hearing your comments.